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Wise Mandarin Cultural Exploration Center

About Us

Wise Mandarin Cultural Exploration Center is a diversified language and culture institution which provides Mandarin language services based in Panama. We go beyond common language training by teaching you about Chinese culture and providing you with professional and certified trainers, as well as excellent translation services and strong support to help you achieve your dream to Study in China.

Mandarin Language Training

• Business Mandarin Training (Customized course in all kinds of commercial fields to suit your needs)

• HSK Exam (Professional guidance to help you get your certificate in HSK in the shortest time possible)

• International School program (Specialized content according to your international school’s curriculum)

• General Mandarin Training( Developed fun courses based on HSK to meet the daily needs of general Mandarin)

Translation Service 

• Documents translation (Multiple document translation from:

• Native Interpretation: Experienced interpreter available to help with various occasions

Study in China

 • Long-term Study (The best support to help students find and apply schools in China (Master degree, PHD degree, Language course)

• Short-term study (Learning trips to help you to understand Chinese culture and practice Mandarin language through real living experience)

Client Testimonials

I have had the privilege of attending Ms. Emily’s classes and it has been a wonderful experience. She has both the patience and the expertise to deal with students who struggle with a new language as well as the drive and the creativity to challenge those who are quick to master. I highly recommend her Mandarin classes.

Alex Neuman

Host @ Vida Digital

Wáng Lǎoshī, I really appreciate all of the patience, time and energy that you put into teaching. Even tough Mandarin is a difficult language, you empower students to learn and have fun. You demonstrate to us during each session what it takes to be an amazing teacher. Fēicháng gǎnxiè nǐ!

Yannick Harold


I sincerely appreciate all the time you have dedicated to us, your students, in teaching a language as complicated as Mandarin, you made it very easy to understand and follow up. Also from the culture and traditions classes learning, we found it’s so interesting. I would love to continue learning much more about this language and culture with you.

Ana Amarís

China Construction (CCA Panama)

I love how the class goes beyond just learning Mandarin, to include aspects of the Chinese culture. This makes the whole process a cultural experience, boosting my ability to understand the language and it’s context.

Ashley Benitez

AMB Food Consulting

I highly recommend Emily Wang as a translator. It has been pleasure each and every time we have requested her services. Her support has been key for us to get closer to the Chinese community in Panama. She is very helpful, kind and responsible. She has become a support not only as a translator but also as a guide in other themes of Chinese life or culture.

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Certified Trainers

Apart from their native Mandarin skills, our trainers are certified to provide world-class professional language training.

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